The World has Changed…

By now, most of you have heard that Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection. The $5B household name for generations carries $6.1B in debt and simply lost its way. As David Gillen, Deputy Business Editor for the New York Time recently shared, “It seemed like a company was stuck in time. The world changed, but Kodak didn’t.”

While these unfortunate events will create a “defensive posture” for Kodak, could this have been avoided? It’s a great question to ask and consider, especially as product management and innovators of all types quite often fight to stay relevant and have their products make a difference in current and expanding markets.

What could Kodak have done differently?

While I haven’t worked for the company, I am familiar with their brand, consumer and commercial products. I expect that many of you know them, but when was the last time you purchased a product or said, “Wow, I really like the problems they’ve solved for me.” In the generation of everyone has a digital camera attached to every device, I find in my house there are Apple devices, Android phones and a litany of devices for photography that do not bear their name. As a person whose family was associated with the commercial printing business for decades, and a person who worked in commercial print shops in high school using their equipment and products, why has their relevance, innovation and market all but disappeared?

Will this same plight happen to current innovators such as Apple and others?

I’d like to have you weigh in on what product management methods you’ve used to stay relevant and how you and your organization has stayed ahead of or found new paths to innovation. With your input, I’ll publish the conversations, ideas and experience here.

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